Destinations: Mabamba Swamps - Lake Victoria, Entebbe

Safari Overview

The shoebill stork is a magnificent, prehistoric-looking bird, and in Uganda this ancient species thrives, making birding safaris in Uganda a sought-after desire for every bird enthusiast.

There are many top birding spots in Uganda where shoebill storks can be sighted. Popular spots include Murchison Falls National Park along the banks of the Nile River, especially in the delta area. An early morning and late evening private boat ride to the delta offers high chances of spotting the bird.

Besides Murchison Falls National Park, Mabamba swamp is another hot spot and quite close to Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Travellers on a tight schedule can take a 7-hour Mabamba birding excursion into the swamp with the possibility of spotting this legendary bird species.

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Itinerary Description

Shoebill tracking in Mabamba Swamps

This tour starts in Entebbe. You will drive to Mabamba swamp around lake victoria, from the launch point you’ll meet the guides, who are experts in finding the Shoebill stork and are very knowledgeable about the other wildlife in the swamp. They’ll take you through the swamp and reeds in a traditional canoe for several hours to find the birds.

Take to the water in dugout canoes to paddle your way between the reeds of Mabamba Swamp, a protected RAMSAR site. You will be guided by local expert guides to search for the elusive Shoebill stork, in its natural habitat, as well as supporting the local community and preserve this vulnerable species. Therafter transfer back to Entebbe